Nikolay Bogoychev

Nikolay Bogoychev

About me

I am a PhD student at The University of Edinburgh Institute for Languages, Cognition and Computation, affiliate of the Pervasive Parallelism CDT. My supervisors are Adam Lopez and Kenneth Heafield.

I like languages, logographic writing systems, game theory and GPUs. I (try to) make things run faster and enjoy (premature) optimization. In my spare time I learn languages and play football. Please check out my blog where I post random things about characters and life.

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PhD work

I am exploring opportunities for exploiting the raw computational power of GPUs in the domain of NLP, currently focussing on Machine translation.

In general I explore algorithms (as of late usually neural networks related to NLP) and modify them in way to take better advantage of massively parallel and multi-node hardware. I work both on improving implementation and changing the model in order to extract the best performance from the availbale hardware and improve translation quality. I have worked on improving a number of aspects of machine translation, among those improved inference performance on statistical models and improved multinode training of neural models.


2014: Graduated from The University of Edinburgh with a First class Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence & Computer science.

2015: Started a PhD in The University of Edinburgh ILCC.


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Hieu Hoang, Nikolay Bogoychev, Lane Schwartz and Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt (2016). Fast, Scalable Phrase-Based SMT Decoding. In Proceedings of AMTA 2016, Austin, Texas [pdf] [bib]

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Alexandra Birch, Matthias Huck, Nadir Durrani, Nikolay Bogoychev, Philipp Koehn (2014). Edinburgh SLT and MT System Description for the IWSLT 2014 Evaluation. In Proceedings of IWSLT, Lake Tahoe, USA. [pdf] [bib]

The University of Edinburgh
School of Informatics
Institute for Languages, Cognition and Computation